HFT PXL Sensor Review December 6-7, 2010

All materials are in DRAFT form. We will upload the final presentations by December 4, 2010


Agenda and talk outlines for HFT PXL sensor review. ult_rev_agenda.doc


09:00 Welcome, Charge, PXL design and Requirements

Leo Greiner Sensor_PXL_intro.pptx

Leo Greiner Sensor_HFT_design_3.pptx

10:00 CMOS sensor development at IPHC

Marc Winter > ultimate_design_review_5dec.pdf

11:00 Overall design of the PXL sensor (ULTIMATE), pixel design, analog and mixed circuitry

Isabelle Valin > UltimateDR_IV.ppt

11:30 Design of zero-suppression and data transfer

Guy Dozier > Ultimate_designreview.ppt

14:00 Ultimate test & characterisation - Testability & Test bench

Gilles Claus > star_dr_120610_talk_gc_pdf.zip

14:30 Open Discussion


Additional Materials

Please note that some materials are available upon request only after the review. Please contact Leo Greiner or Marc Winter if you wish to view the unlinked maerial.

PXL sensor (Ultimate) Introduction. (available upon request)

PXL sensor (Ultimate) Discriminator function. (available upon request)

PXL sensor (Ultimate) Auxillary functions. (available upon request)

PXL sensor (Ultimate) Optional functions. (available upon request)

PXL sensor (Ultimate) Amplifiers. (available upon request)

PXL sensor (Ultimate) preliminary user manual. (available upon request)

HFT CDR. Please see sensors and electronics section(4.2.4 page 70) + appendicies. (Note - this will be superseded by the TDR shortly) HFT_CDR_V26.pdf

Mimosa-26 Sensor User Manual (same interface and data output as the final sensor). (available upon request)

The http://rnc.lbl.gov/hft/hardware/docs/PXL_grounding_plan_v7.pdf is a document that gives the grounding plan for the PXL detector system in STAR.(2010-06-16)

The http://rnc.lbl.gov/hft/hardware/docs/PXL_connectivity_docs.zip is a zip archive that contains the full connectivity documentation for the PXL detector system in STAR.(2010-06-16)

The http://rnc.lbl.gov/hft/hardware/docs/elec_review/ is a web page containing the presentations of the Readout and sensor review for the PXL detector held on June 23-24, 2010

Mimosa-22AHR beam test results. (available upon request)

Draft PXL sensor testing plan. Testing_PXL_sensor_draft.doc

Committee Report

The sensor_review_summary_v2_with_responses.doc is the report from the review committee with responses.(2011-06-07)