STAR HFT PXL Safety Review

September 26, 2011


This review is intended to address the safety related aspects of the STAR HFT PXL detector. In order to provide sufficient background information we have provided the following documentation.


Electrical arrangement of the STAR HFT PXL Detector:

The electronics of systems of the STAR PXL detector are shown in detail in several documents. - The Grounding Plan for the PXL detector in the HFT. This shows the path of signal, power and ground for the PXL detector - Connectivity Documentation for the PXL detector. This document gives the overall electrical architecture, describes the connections, cable specs, connector specs, wire specs, etc. for the components of the PXL system.

Schematics for the main electronics boards:

RDO board -

MTB Board -

LU protected power regulator board -


Mechanical arrangement of the STAR HFT PXL Detector:

The mechanical and cooling systems of the STAR HFT PXL detector are described by the documentation below. - The TDR for the PXL detector. The PXL mechanical system is described here. - Documentation on the cooling system in the form of a cooling test done for the PXL system. - Is a document giving the specs of the blower used in the cooling test and a candidate for the final system.



STAR_HFT_Overview.pptx - FV Overview presentation.

HFT_Overview_092611-1.pptx - DB presentation.

PXL_safety_review_2011_09_26_LG.pptx - LG presentation to safety committee.


BNL Safety Committee Report



PXL response