IPHC - LBNL Meeting at IPHC - September 5, 2011 Page


Latch-up and SEU measurements on sensors, ICs and test structures - MS - Summary of latch-up measurements.ppt

Latch-up tests done at STAR with Mimosa-26 - MS - M26_in_STAR.ppt

PXL Project status and plans - LG - Project_status_and_plans_LG.pptx

Preliminary design of the ladder readout cable - LG - Ultimate Cable _design_LG.pptx

PXL Probe testing plans - LG - Ultimate_probe_testing_LG.pptx

Status and improvement plans for Ultimate sensor - CH - UltimateStatus_improvement.ppt

STAR PXL mechanical Integration and Cooling (from St. Odile workshop) - HW - st_Odile_sept_2011_hw.pptx

STAR HFT overview (from St. Odile workshop) - FV - STAR_HFT_Overview_videbaek.pdf

Meeting Notes

Draft notes from the meeting - LG - IPHC_09_2011_meeting_notes.docx

Follow up phone meeting held September 15, 2011

proposed Ultimate modifications - CH - Ultimate_modifications.ppt