IPHC Meeting - June, 2009 Talks Page

LBNL Talks

Goals and Agenda - goals_and_agenda_LG.ppt

Project Status and post CD-0 schedule - Ritter_Strasb_06-09.ppt

RDO and sensors tasks and dependencies - RDO_and_sensor_tasks_and_dependencies_LG.ppt

RDO Status - RDO_status_LG.ppt

Flex Cable Development - Flex_Cable_Development_LG.ppt

Phase-1 individual sensor testing - Phase-1_testing_LG.ppt

Latch-up and SEU in Phase-1, Mimosa-22 and SUZE - Latchup_SEU_in_Phase1_SUZE_M22_LG.ppt

Hot pixel Analysis - RTS3.ppt

Mechanical design and prototyping progress - stras_june_2009_HW.pptx

Sensor testing and validation plans - Sensor_testing_and_validation_plan_LG.ppt

IPHC Talks

Mimosa25 depleted in Xfab high resistivity silicon - Andrei_Dorokhov_M25depleted.ppt

Mimosa22 - Mimosa-26 - Ultimate - Christine_Star_meeting_15062009.ppt

MW chip fabrication plans and options - mwinter_chip_fab_plans.pdf

Pixel and amplifer design and optimization - mkoziel_ESSD_talk.pdf

MW Mimosa-26 test results - mwinter_mimosa26_tests.pdf

Meeting Notes

LG meeting notes - lbnl_iphc_meeting_notes_2009_06_19.doc