HFT PXL Electronics and Sensor Review / Workshop June 23-24, 2010

All materials are in DRAFT form. We will upload the final presentations by June 22, 2010


Agenda and talk outlines for HFT PXL electronics and sensors review. Agenda_and_talk_outlines_for_PXL_sensor_and_RDO_review.doc


9:00 AM Introduction and Charge

Leo Greiner PXL_intro.pptx

9:20 AM HFT Design

Leo Greiner HFT_design.pptx

10:00 AM Sensors

Michal Szelezniak Sensors_overview.pptx

10:40 AM Break

11:00 AM System Hardware Architecture

Leo Greiner PXL_hardware_architecture.pptx

11:40 System Firmware and Software Architecture

Xiangming Sun XMS_Firmware_and_Software_Architecture.ppt

12:20 PM Lunch

1:20 PM Hardware Prototyping Status

Michal Szelezniak hardware_prototyping_status.pptx

2:00 PM Firmware and Software Prototyping Status

Xiangming Sun XMS_Firmware_and_software_prototyping_status.ppt

2:45 Project Status

Leo Greiner PXL_project_status.pptx

3:30 Open Discussion


Additional Materials

HFT CDR. Please see sensors and electronics section(4.2.4 page 70) + appendicies. HFT_CDR_V26.pdf

Phase-1/2 Sensor User Manual. PH1-UserMan-20080916.pdf

Mimosa-26 Sensor User Manual (same interface and data output as the final sensor). M26_UserManual.pdf

Document giving a detaied description of the PXL cable development path. PXL_flex_cable_and_sys_test_v2.doc

Document giving a detaied description of the PXL cable designs under consideration. PXL_RDO_cable_options_1.doc

A report on the results of the HFT RDO LVDS data path test. http://rnc.lbl.gov/hft/hardware/docs/LVDS/LVDS_test_report_1.pdf

The http://rnc.lbl.gov/hft/hardware/docs/PXL_grounding_plan_v7.pdf is a document that gives the grounding plan for the PXL detector system in STAR.(2010-06-16)

The http://rnc.lbl.gov/hft/hardware/docs/PXL_connectivity_docs.zip is a zip archive that contains the full connectivity documentation for the PXL detector system in STAR.(2010-06-16)

Review Committee Final Report